Staying safe whilst using the internet, chat rooms and mobile phones.



Did you know?

  • Many online games have their own chat rooms.

If your child plays on these and enters these chat rooms, do you really know to whom they are talking?

  • You can load software onto your computer which will alert you to anything inappropriate which your computer has accessed.


Some useful web sites

Thinkuknow  A very useful site which teaches children from 5 to 16 about keeping safe. It also has very useful information for parents.


BBC Stay Safe   child friendly site which has information for children about how to stay safe.



Press the button below to report cyber abuse.




If you are concerned that you or any member of your family have been victims of cyber bullying click on the button below which will take you directly to a site where you can report the incident.


Click here to go to the Parents' E-Safety Booklet.


Each class has been learning about ways of staying safe.

As part of E-safety week each child learnt about the safe ways of using different technologies, e.g. mobile phones, internet, social networking sites etc. At the end of the week each child signed a contract saying they would obey the school's rules about using these technologies.

Click here for children's contracts.


Below are some of the different ways children decided to make each other aware of cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying 1

Cyber bullying 2

Cyber bullying 3